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Creating a Real Estate Social Media Campaign

by Dhriti

Imagine- Recently, you started working at a real estate firm and your boss asks you to create a social media outline. What do you do? Rather than trying to create a huge, detailed, multi-faceted plan for an overwhelming number of social media outlets, remember the phrase quality over quantity.

While it will be necessary to tailor your plan to each social media outlet, you will need to create an overall plan focused on the most successful outlet for your company. newsonforex In the case of real estate, and this sample outline, Pinterest is a good choice.

Also, remember to create a plan that you can actually implement. If your staff is small and you don’t think you can keep up with a daily, planned series of postings, create a plan that you can manage. fastcashways What works for one real estate company may not work for you. This concept matches the idea of individual social media in that no two people use social media in exactly the same way. Do not forget to present realistic ideas to your coworkers.

Here are five steps to help you create a sample Pinterest campaign:

  1. Research popular Pinterest postings.
  2. Establish themes.
  3. Follow useful networks
  4. Design daily, weekly, and/or monthly, campaigns and goals.
  5. Evaluate effectiveness.

Step One: In order to post and create meaningful Pinterest conversation you need to know what people are discussing. Are people posting about families, real estate, decorations, seasonal activities, animals, travel, or a mixture of the above. Keep your audience in mind. thebusinesssuccesslibrary If your company limits its work to Alabama, then having an impact on people in Australia will probably not increase traffic to your website nor increase your company profit.Step Two: In order to deviate from a plan, you have to first have a plan. Establish one! If, for example, you’re only going to post thoughts related to real estate then don’t get side-tracked and start a board about cute, furry, exotic animals. If your social media outline instructs you to post about the current holidays and seasons then don’t post about Christmas gifts in April. Use your common sense and stick to your plan or adjust the outline.

Step Three: This step is the second most important on the list because if you follow insignificant people, groups, or organizations, you are going to find yourself repining insignificant posts. Just because someone follows a board you manage, businessideaso does not mean you have to follow them back. You can find other ways to manage a relationship with followers.

Step Four: Create a plan that works for you. If you are not making social media a high priority, then perhaps a weekly or monthly campaign fits your ideas best. Only you can make the correct call here.

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