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The Necessity of Special Assessments for Condo Associations

by Dhriti

In balancing the budgetary aspects of a condo association, scheduled dues do not always account for unforeseen expenses that might arise. Under such circumstances, condo association maintenance in Georgia often requires special assessments.


In managing a condominium complex, regular maintenance expenses are usually taken care of by the owner’s routine payment. However, unexpected issues can emerge which may require a substantial monetary commitment beyond the routine maintenance budget. Instances like heavy storm damage, surprise architectural faults, or necessary upgrades in shared spaces often justify the implementation of such special assessments.

The Purpose of Special Assessments

Special assessments are typically levied when the reserve funds of the association aren’t enough to cover certain expenses. They serve as an emergency solution to unexpected issues that could potentially compromise the living conditions in the condo. They are a tool for the maintenance of the standard and quality of living in the condominium community.

When are they Necessary?

While the necessity of special assessments largely depends on the circumstances, several criteria could be considered.

Major Repairs and Renovations

Repairs to roofs, plumbing, or electrical systems often call for special assessments. Major renovations like installing a new elevator or swimming pool also might require this.

Emergency Situations

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes can cause significant damage to the condo properties. In such situations, these additional fees might be necessary in order to ensure necessary repairs that aren’t covered by the association’s insurance.

Legal Obligations

At times, modifications may be needed to meet the requirements of new laws or regulations. An example would be updates needed to meet environmental safety standards.

In all these situations, a well-informed and proactive approach to assessing the requirement and impact of these special assessments is essential. Knowing what lies in your property maintenance journey is a lodestone in these situations. This complete condo association property maintenance guide sheds light on these aspects and helps in staying informed and prepared.


Special assessments, though an additional expense, serve a necessary function in the effective preservation of condo communities. They extend a practical solution to unforeseen expenses and ensure the continued comfort and satisfaction of condo owners. Assessing their requirement and deliberating over their application makes a noticeable difference in the effectiveness of condo association maintenance. Thus, adequate comprehension and timely action related to these special assessments significantly inform the maintenance decisions of managers and owners.


  1. What is a special assessment?

A special assessment is an additional fee imposed by the condo association on its members to cover unexpected or large-scale expenses for maintenance and repairs.

  1. How are special assessments determined?

Special assessments are typically decided upon by the condo board, taking into consideration factors such as the urgency and necessity of the expense, as well as the financial stability of the association.

  1. Are special assessments common in condo associations?

Yes, special assessments are not uncommon in condo associations and serve as a means to address unforeseen or significant expenses that cannot be covered by regular dues and reserves.

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