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Is it advisable to keep my underfloor heating system running all day?

by Dhriti

Discover the full benefits of installing underfloor heating in your home. By embracing this modern heating solution, you can have precise control over room temperatures at different times and enjoy energy efficient heat whenever needed, thanks to programmable thermostats seamlessly integrated into the system.

One common question that often arises, especially in colder seasons, is whether it’s safe to leave the underfloor heating system on throughout the day. Rest assured, there is no harm in doing so. In fact, keeping it running continuously can improve efficiency by reducing warm up times and maintaining a consistent warmth level. Despite some misconceptions about the safety of running underfloor heating non stop, when combined with programmable thermostats, it proves to be a beneficial partnership.

Our high quality underfloor heating systems are designed for safety and efficiency when left on for extended periods. Maintaining a steady temperature can enhance your living environment and overall comfort. Visit our online store to conveniently purchase DIY underfloor heating kits that contain everything you need.

To make the most of your underfloor heating system, it’s important to set temperatures strategically.

A good strategy is to schedule two different times for heating up the floor with a cozy temperature and two times for cooling down with lower temperatures, usually set 4 degrees Celsius below the cosy temperature. The key benefit of using lower temperatures is that they help prevent a significant decrease in room temperature, making it easier to warm up the room quickly when needed.

Moreover, it’s wise to start your underfloor heating system about two hours before you actually use a room. For example, if your morning routine revolves around the kitchen, setting the first schedule to start at 5 am with a cosy temperature of 22°C ensures a warm atmosphere when you enter. The second schedule can then be a cooling period for when you’re away from home (starting at 9 am at 18°C). The third schedule, activated 1 2 hours before you come back from work (at 4 pm with a cozy temperature of 22°C), maintains a pleasant warmth.

The temperature is maintained at 18°C between the second and third schedules. If the room goes below this level, the underfloor heating system kicks in automatically to recover the lost warmth and continues until the third schedule starts at 4 pm.

The last and fourth setting, called ‘night setback,’ kicks in at 10 pm with a temperature of 18°C to ensure comfortable nights. Your underfloor heating system doesn’t run all the time; it kicks in only when necessary. A well insulated home or room reduces heat loss, making it energy efficient and needing minimal energy for warmth upkeep. The best setup involves installing underfloor heating in an insulated and screeded floor to maximize heat retention and emission even when the system is off. When installed, designed and used correctly, underfloor heating emerges as the top choice for effective and efficient heating in today’s market.

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