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From Spreadsheets to Sage Intacct: A Tale of Transformation 

by Dhriti

A Transformational Overview 

The transition from using manual Excel spreadsheets for financial management to adopting Sage Intacct, a powerful, cloud-based financial budgeting and planning tool is transformational. Sage Intacct streamlines the planning process, eliminates the need to rely on spreadsheets and emails, and allows stakeholders to collaborate on the latest versions of budget plans and forecasts on a single, secure application. 

Sage Intacct offers various features and modules, such as accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, cash management, built-in reporting, dashboards, and collaboration tools. 

It is designed to grow with your organisation and can integrate with existing solutions, as well as other industry-specific or unique solutions you may want to add along the way. 

Overall, transitioning from spreadsheets to Sage Intacct can help businesses automate their financial operations, reduce manual errors, gain greater visibility into their financial performance, and improve their decision-making capabilities by providing real-time financial insights and analytics  

How to migrate data from spreadsheets to Sage Intacct 

To migrate data from spreadsheets to Sage Intacct, you can use the following methods: 

Importing transactions: Sage Intacct allows you to import various types of transactions, such as journal entries, AP bills, AR invoices, order entry transactions, purchasing transactions, and more, using CSV templates. 

Sage Intacct migration services: Sage Intacct offers data migration services through partners like Itas Solutions. This service helps migrate data from legacy accounting or ERP systems to Sage Intacct, including general ledger, banks, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory control, purchase order, and sales order modules. 

Data upload templates: Sage Intacct provides data upload templates that can be used to organise and “pack up” your data before importing it into the system. 

Importing journal entries: You can import journal entries into Sage Intacct using a CSV file. Just make sure your spreadsheet contains the correct headings and formats, and then follow the import process outlined in the Sage Intacct help documentation. 

By using these methods, you can efficiently migrate your data from spreadsheets to Sage Intacct and streamline your financial management processes. 

So how else can it help with the transition from spreadsheets? 

Today’s CFOs are navigating a business environment that is changing quickly in order to guide their businesses to greater stability and long-term sustainable growth. Here at Itas Solutions, we assist companies in adapting to rapid change and setting them up for success. 

Leading change requires the transformation of finance. You can make sure that your company can react quickly by developing strategic insights that drive well-informed business decisions, optimising procedures and controls, and boosting efficiency. 

With our knowledge of cutting-edge technology and efficient project and transformation management, Itas Solutions can collaborate with you to improve your finance team, enabling your business to flourish both today and in the future.   

Bringing about Financial Transformation 

We provide a tried-and-true method that integrates your business objectives and is based on Sage’s Intacct technology. We’re aware of the pressures you face in business, and we will provide you with the tools you need to quickly respond to changes as they arise and to set up your company for the challenges that lie ahead. 

Sage Intacct is specifically designed for the finance industry, making it easier than ever to anticipate costs, handle cash flow constraints, make complicated decisions, and manage data.   

Improving your ways of working 

With a system that will improve your visibility of business performance and deliver extensive information with real-time reporting, we can assist you in changing the way you work. With more data available from many perspectives, this vision will hasten the process of making well-informed decisions. 

We can streamline your financial operations and automate tedious tasks by utilising Sage Intacct. You will be able to navigate complexity and concentrate on more value-adding duties if the finance department is more effective. 

As connection is simple and works easily with other platforms, such Salesforce and other Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs), to improve existing systems, we can have you up and running quickly. Our solution utilising Sage Intacct, which is specifically designed for finance, can revolutionise your company in the current market and future-proof your finance processes so that you’re ready to meet the challenges ahead.  

Would it benefit your company? 

Businesses in the mid-market, especially those aiming to expand and increase their size, should use this solution. The time is now to modernise your finance function with Sage Intacct if your business processes are outdated or you’re having trouble getting the data you need.   

What can we do to support your financial transformation? 

Technology to enabled change 

We can either oversee the full transformation plan or engage with your team to supplement your staff in areas where there are skill gaps or where you want some challenge in the methodology. Our professionals can help with anything from design to delivery. Prior to deployment, we’ll make sure the system is appropriate for the task at hand, outlining your needs and choosing the best technology to produce the outcomes you require. 

Then, using our tried-and-true methodology, our team of experts will design, build, test, and deploy the technology to ensure that it meets your needs, is effectively integrated, and is fully functional from the start, while also optimising your ways of working around it to increase team productivity and efficiency.   

Process improvement 

We comprehend how crucial it is to unite the primary operations of your company and maintain constant contact between them. 

We’ll work with you to optimise all of your end-to-end processes so you can take full advantage of the relationship between your processes and technology. Increasing efficiency and transparency throughout your organisation through optimisation in these areas will enable you to handle changes in the business more skilfully.   

Data management, planning, and reporting 

We’ll handle all aspects of your data management for you, including migration, simplicity, and improved reporting visibility. We’ll transfer data from the old system to Sage Intacct while integrating the reporting features you need and giving you real-time visibility into your data from many perspectives.   

Train the team 

To optimise the advantages for your transformation, we want to make sure you can use the platform efficiently. We’ll assist your employees in adjusting to the change and upskill them so they can utilise the technology and get the most out of Sage Intacct swiftly. Additionally, we will collaborate with you to create the operating model that is most appropriate for your company and its goals. 

Software administration 

Our expertise will oversee the transformation process, ensuring consistency across workstreams and ensuring that it moves forward as planned in order to provide outcomes. In order to give you the finest technical support possible both now and in the future, we’ll collaborate with you to overcome any obstacles that arise during the project.   

Managed services 

On an interim or long-term basis, our team of finance experts may assist you with managing your finance function, either entirely or in part. 

Our “plug and play” managed service solutions are made to provide you with scalable capabilities that can be used immediately and changed as needed. 

Beyond simply executing your financial procedures, our team of experts can help you find new ways to optimise the way your finance function operates so that it advances your company’s goals for expansion and profitability.  

About Us  

At Itass Solutions, we know that Sage Intacct is a fantastic tool for financial management. We love it because of the types of different reports the system generates, the cloud-based accounting solution, multiple users can use the system at the same time and integration with other business systems means we’re big fans of Intacct.  

Itas Solutions started off serving one client in 1995 and now services over 200 businesses across the UK. We are always available to assist our clients.  

Itas is a business that our customers have trusted for more than 20 years, and we have expanded thanks to recommendations from them and IT professionals who value our educated but personalised service.  

To discover more about how Itas can help your business with finance automation, Sage implementation, and increased purchasing management, contact us at info@itassolutions.co.uk, phone us at +44 (0) 1824 780 000, or send an email. 

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